Car Lifts

Imagine a hotel with no efficient way to park your car. How much a scratch of clients car is costing for the reputation of the hotel?

Our car lifts will transport any vehicle with speed and safety, helping the operations of any building and increase your reputation.

Car Lift



Rated Load (kg) 2000 2500 3000
Platform Depth PD (mm) 5000-5500 5000-5500 5000-5500
Platform Width PW (mm) 2100-2500 2100-2500 2100-2500
Shaft Depth (mm)* PD+50 PD+50 PD+50
Shaft Depth (mm)** PD+125 PD+125 PD+125
Shaft Width (mm) PW+500 PW+500 PW+500
Pit Depth (mm) 350 350 350
Headroom (mm) 2600 2600 2600

* Through Car Arrangement
** Single Entrance Arrangement